I’ve previously had my lashes done elsewhere, would I need to book a removal and new set or can
you infill them?

We are happy to infill lashes as long as you have at least half of them still left on and they are in good condition, i.e. not clumpy.

Can I get my lashes removed at HM if I got them done somewhere else?

Of course! We are more than happy to remove lashes whether they were done by us or not.

Do I need to prep my lashes before I come in?

Yes, please! Make sure your eyelashes are squeaky clean – no traces of eye makeup – prior to your appointment. Use an oil-free make up remover if possible, and rinse well.

Can I get a half set or ‘mini infill?

We get numerous requests for half sets or mini infills, or “just a few in the corners.” Here at HM we offer full sets or infills. The more lashes, the more definition, fullness and longevity to your set.
Incomplete sets are often difficult to blend in with your natural lashes, resulting in a look that
appears unfinished. Trust us! We know our stuff!