HM Bum Filler/Non-Surgical BBL

At HM Cosmetics we’re pleased to offer this safe, innovative & minimally invasive dermal filler treatment designed to reshape & enhance the buttocks/hips using hyaluronic acid injections. Buttock fillers are a fast & effective way to get the buttock shape you desire, without the need for surgery. At HM we use a premium branded buttock filler called Hyacorp MLF2, the product is specifically designed for this area and is made from hyaluronic acid, similar to the product used in lips but blended to be slightly thicker, allowing for greater volume. The longevity of the treatment duration is up to 2 years but, in many cases, much longer, depending on the individual client & their metabolism, lifestyle etc. For a first time we would recommend 100ml minimum (50 ml each side).

As with all filler treatments, this is something which can be built over multiple sessions depending on desired outcome. We recommend at least 4-6 weeks in between should you wish to have this treatment done again. This treatment can be used on clients who have had BBL surgery however, we recommend waiting at least 1 year post surgery before having this treatment done. The treatment is deemed as low pain & minimal recovery time needed. The risks associated are no different to any other dermal filler treatments & complications from fillers are incredibly uncommon as dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid based which is naturally occurring in the human body. Following this procedure, the buttocks may feel bruised and swollen. The injected areas may also feel firm for a few days, but then slowly soften to a more natural appearance.

Paracetamol can be taken should you experience any after-pain. Arnica tablets can be taken days leading up to minimalise bruising but this is not a necessity. Hyacorp is a product which can be dissolved & will naturally break down over time. After this treatment clients can still sit down (driving to and from your appointment is fine) exercise can be resumed as normal after an initial 2 week rest/recovery period. The treatment uses a lidocaine infusion as an anaesthetic to numb the area, cannula is used to inject the product for optimum safety.

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