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The trend that’s breaking the internet and we get why! HM brow soap gives you all you need to create fluffy brushed up brows, similar to the look of brow lamination however this can be done yourself.

Our product has been specially formulated using ingredients like coconut oil & olive oil to make sure it is healthy for your precious brows so it can be used daily.

It can also keep your brow lamination in check and lasting longer.

HM Cosmetics Brow Soap

  • Sparse areas of your brows can still be filled in first then take the following steps:

    1. Using a water spray or your favourite makeup setting spray and give your soap brows or spoolie one spritz. A lot goes a long way as you don’t want to saturate the product, or it won’t give you that amazing hold you want.

    2. Take your brow brush and rub it into the soap until you see a paste start to form. How much you use depends on how thick your brow hairs are.

    3. Brush through your eyebrows, brushing in different directions before styling the brow however takes your fancy.

  • All orders are processed within 1-2 business days.

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